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This page calculates the live exchange rate for LUNA 1.00 Terra (LUNA) to United States Dollar (USD) for Tuesday 9th of August 2022. On this exact moment the exchange of LUNA 1.00 Terra (LUNA) can buy you $ 1.00 United States Dollar (USD). :one can be bought from: Binance, OKEX & Kucoin.

1 LUNA = 1.000000 USD
1 USD = 1.000000 LUNA

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The crypto market are known to be volatile, but one crypto coin with a sound future is Terra. Terra has the potential for exponential growth within the following months. It is tough to predict the future of the crypto market, but we believe that Terra will rise in the long and short term.

Why the Terra predictions are very optimistic

Some factors that make Terra attractive are the fantastic team behind the project and the unlimited possibilities Terra will offer for blockchain technology in the future.

Terra has many advantages that make it stand out among other cryptocurrencies. One reason why new investors should consider buying this coin is because of its low price right now. The current price makes it ideal for getting in on the cryptocurrency market without breaking the bank!

This article will tell you why you should buy Terra as a long-term investment. There are a lot of things to consider when you purchase a coin as a long-term investment. Some of the most important things are:

  • What kind of technology is being used?
  • How many people does the technology have behind it?
  • How far is the coin from being implemented?
  • Is the team behind the coin working on the right marketing strategy?

Investing in Terra will allow you to grow your money over time, unlike investing in other not as lucrative assets. There are many benefits from investing in Terra, and the most obvious benefit is its volatility which can produce high returns in a short period. Investing in Terra also allows investors to diversify from the traditional stock market investments, which have historically been more stable but have lower returns on investment opportunities.

The Terra price of the past – Will it go up again?

The current price of Terra has already climbed significantly since 2019/2020. One explanation for this is the overall expansion of the bitcoin market. Since 2020, there has been an increase in trust in cryptocurrencies as an alternative investment. The current economic environment contributes to this. Apart from the fact that the entire market has increased in value, Terra has increased in value quicker than many other cryptocurrencies.

New upgrades are constantly being incorporated, as well as new partnerships. The blockchain project is contributing more and more value to the crypto ecosystem, which means that more and more businesses and individuals are interested in using it. This indicates that there will be more demand for Terra, which will drive up the price, and the Terra price expectation will be even higher in the future.

What about the predictions for next year?

The price of Terra has undoubtedly grown significantly, but what are the expectations for the next years? That is usually a difficult task to predict the future of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are far more volatile than equities since they are still in their infancy. As a result, forecasting Terra is challenging, if not impossible.

As a result, it is better to look at what a blockchain project has planned for subsequent years and in the long run. An excellent approach to accomplish this is to look at Terra's roadmap, open projects, and whitepaper. The roadmap is a list of scheduled changes that will result in new advancements, and the whitepaper explains what the team is planning with the project in the future.

There are a lot of good things coming up for Terra the following years. The team has great ambition and intends to accomplish a lot this year. Of course, this does not necessarily result in an instant price increase, but it most certainly does in the long run. The more individuals that use Terra, the greater the influence on the price, leading it to climb to new highs. Because the overall market value of Terra is not yet exceptionally high compared to traditional coins like BTC and ETH, rises of several hundred percent are entirely possible for a project like Terra.

Historic Exchange Rates LUNA - USD

Date 1 LUNA Unit % Change 1 USD Unit
2022-01-04 86.7100 -4.17% 0.0115
2022-01-03 90.3300 0.23% 0.0111
2022-01-02 90.1200 -0.62% 0.0111
2022-01-01 90.6800 4.63% 0.0110
2021-12-31 86.4800 2.52% 0.0116
2021-12-30 84.3000 -0.24% 0.0119
2021-12-29 84.5000 -2.62% 0.0118
2021-12-28 86.7100 -5.36% 0.0115
2021-12-27 91.3600 -8.92% 0.0109
2021-12-26 99.5100 1.19% 0.0100
2021-12-25 98.3300 3.62% 0.0102
2021-12-24 94.7700 1.03% 0.0106
2021-12-23 93.7900 8.38% 0.0107
2021-12-22 85.9300 -0.49% 0.0116
2021-12-21 86.3500 6.84% 0.0116
2021-12-20 80.4400 2.85% 0.0124
2021-12-19 78.1500 6.00% 0.0128
2021-12-18 73.4600 9.69% 0.0136
2021-12-17 66.3400 1.04% 0.0151
2021-12-16 65.6500 0.00% 0.0152
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